Highlights: David Eccles School of Business

Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building

The new 8 floor flagship building at the David Eccles School of Business was completed in Fall 2013 and serves over 4,000 business students. The state-of-the art facility provides space for students to collaborate with each other, the latest technology, and easy access to faculty and career services. "In offering a home where business students can learn using technologies as advanced as anything they will find when they enter the workforce, the David Eccles School of Business truly sets itself apart as a place that offers students the training needed to achieve their career goals while the focus on pioneering technology will allow our faculty to continue its strong research tradition in the smartest, most efficient ways possible", says Dean Taylor Randall.

Sorenson Global Impact Investing Center

Established in January 2013, the James Lee Sorenson Global Impact Investing Center (SGII Center) builds upon the David Eccles School of Business' legacy of innovation and social impact. Made possible by a $13 million personal gift from world-renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist James Lee Sorenson, the SGII Center engages students and faculty at the University of Utah and surrounding universities in creating sustainable change around the world through high-impact social investment, innovative philanthropy, industry-leading research and related curriculum development. "The Center provides unparalleled experiences for our students and faculty to participate directly in solving some of the world's thorniest and most persistent societal problems," says University of Utah President David Pershing.

Ivory-Boyer Real Estate Center

Thanks to the generous support of Ellis Ivory and Roger Boyer, the Ivory-Boyer Real Estate Center was formed in 2007 to provide unsurpassed real estate industry education and research. Because of the unique educational opportunities the Ivory-Boyer Real Estate Center provided students, the Board of Regents approved a new Master of Real Estate Development in 2009. Graduates receive an intensive education on the development process, sustainability, and real estate finance that differentiates them from others in the workforce.

Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute

The Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute is a hub for student entrepreneurship and innovation at the University of Utah. Founded in 2001 with the generous support from Pierre Lassonde, the institute provides a wide variety of programs and engagement opportunities for students to learn about and engage in all phases of the entrepreneurship and innovation process. The interdisciplinary programs are open to students from across campus from any major or background. In 2013, the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute reached more than 7,000 students from middle school through post-doctoral graduates. Programs include statewide business plan competitions, mentorship opportunities, fellowships, startup support, seed funding, and internships.

Sorenson Center for Discovery and Innovation

The James LeVoy Sorenson Center for Discovery and Innovation provides a place for students to draw influence from the essential human activities of discovery, creativity, innovation, and design. Named after one of Utah's most prolific inventors, James LeVoy Sorenson, the center inspires students to delve into exploration while collaborating with world-class faculty gaining valuable insight from leaders in research. The Center focuses on helping individuals and organizations in local, national, and global communities gain the tools and understanding they need to find a better way of living, doing, and sustaining innovation.