Highlights: College of Engineering

The Together We Reach campaign coincided with a period of unprecedented growth in the College of Engineering when student enrollment jumped from 2,737 to 4,436 and degree output increased from 550 to a record 777 engineering and computer science degrees in May 2013. In addition to support from the state and university administration, private giving was essential for adding capacity in the physical campus; enriching academic programs and research; and increasing faculty and student support. Of the more than $33M in donations to the College of Engineering during the campaign period, $5M was for scholarships. An additional $16.7M was raised for the James L. Sorenson Molecular Biotechnology Building.

Capital Improvements

The physical campus of the College of Engineering has been transformed as a result of campaign giving. The completion of the John and Marva Warnock Engineering Building, the Floyd and Jeri Meldrum Civil Engineering Building and the James L. Sorenson Molecular Biotechnology/USTAR Building added 285,000 square feet of new space for classrooms, laboratories, offices and gathering spaces. Renovation during the campaign encompassed more than 285,000 square feet including: 150,000 square feet in the Merrill Engineering Building, 55,000 square feet of classroom space in the Warnock Engineering Building's lower levels, and 70,000 square feet in the Rio Tinto Kennecott Mechanical Engineering Building.

Faculty Support

In addition to capital construction, endowed faculty positions were a major goal of the campaign. The college achieved two new presidential endowed chairs and an endowed professorship. The Energy Solutions Presidential Endowed Chair in Nuclear Engineering became the catalyst for significant academic expansion in faculty appointments, course development and degree offerings in nuclear engineering. The Peter and Catherine Meldrum Professorship in Chemical Engineering will allow the department to recruit a senior faculty member with an established research program.

Student Support

The Together We Reach campaign effort yielded $5M in donations for engineering scholarships and fellowships. The annual scholarship challenge has energized engineering alumni into creating dozens of new scholarships, while encouraging a new generation of major donors. Among the highlights of the scholarship campaign are the David and Annette Jorgensen Undergraduate Scholarship and the Jack and Barbara Magdiel Endowment in Mechanical Engineering. The Jorgensen Scholarship provides up to five years of renewable support for a maximum of 17 students based on need and consistent academic performance. The Jorgenson Scholarships are a lifeline for students who may be facing special challenges.