Highlights: Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

For the Department of Physics and Astronomy, the highlights had to be the support of the Willard S. Eccles Foundation for the Astronomy program. They donated the High Altitude Frisco Peak Observatory near Milford, Utah, Institutional membership in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III and Sloan Digital Sky Survey IV, and an astronomy public education and outreach center in the South Physics Building.

Pictures of the Frisco Peak telescope can be found at http://www.physics.utah.edu/weo/

Information and pictures grading the Sloan Digital Sky Surveys can be founds at http://www.sdss3.org/ and http://www.sdss3.org/future/

Information and pictures regarding the South Physics Observatory can be found at http://web.utah.edu/astro/ and http://web.utah.edu/astro/description.htm and http://web.utah.edu/astro/