Highlights: College of Science

Thatcher Building for Biological & Biophysical Chemistry

Planning and fundraising for the Thatcher Building began in 2008 and was dedicated in February 2013. The campaign continues to raise funds at the time of this writing, with a total of $11.8 million raised since 2010. Among more than 250 gifts, highlights include $10 million from the Thatcher Family, and $1 million from Don and Rebecca Reese. Other building projects completed during this time include:

Student Scholarships, Research, and Endowments

The College of Science and its departments (Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Astronomy, Mathematics) benefit from 90 funds and endowments for research, scholarships, professorships, lectureships, fellows, and chairs.

The ACCESS Program for Women in Science and Mathematics is a good example of the impact and success each of these funds have had during the Together We Reachcampaign. From 2006–2013, ACCESS raised about $100,000 per year from private individuals, corporations and charitable foundations. During that span of time, these funds supported the education of more than 300 young women at the U. Other notable awards include:

The Gary and Ann Crocker Science Center

Currently underway, the Crocker Science Center campaign began in 2009 and has raised $16.3 million to date. Fundraising for the Center is underway and will continue beyond the conclusion of the Together We Reachcampaign, with $4.1 million in pending requests and $5.5 million more in identified funding from private individuals and organizations.