Highlights: University Neighborhood Partners

It is with deep gratitude that we report the ways in which University Neighborhood Partners has been strengthened during the university's Together We Reach campaign.

University Neighborhood Partners (UNP) is a department and community partnership center under the Office of the President charged with connecting resources at the University of Utah with those of West Salt Lake City. To better fulfill this mission, UNP is located in west side neighborhoods in which we work, on 900 West in Salt Lake City next to Jordan Park. Being located off campus, we are fortunate to learn with and from the community in ways that are unique to the U. For example, we receive the benefits of the rich, diverse neighborhoods and cultural perspectives around us.

A lot is happening at UNP these days. During the last academic year (2012-13) our partnerships involved 51 organizations, 3,212 residents directly and 23,141 indirectly, 4 institutions of higher education with 54 University of Utah Departments, 62 U of U faculty, and 188 U of U students for a total of 8,165 hours. This work connected 35% of West Salt Lake City's population to UNP partnerships. We are thrilled by the increasing strength and depth of our networks and the ways in which organizations continue to uplift and support each other through their collaborations.

Thanks to the support of generous donors and key partners, the UNP Hartland Partnership Center moved into a new facility in April 2013. Many years ago, our community partners identified a large apartment complex that was in need of a variety of services to assist the hundreds of families of immigrant and refugee backgrounds that had settled there. To facilitate the integration of the university into this space, the UNP Hartland Partnership Center was opened in 2004. Seeing hundreds of participants each year in two small apartments providing less than 1,900 sq. ft. of space, the center quickly was filled to capacity and became a place where university students, faculty, and staff could work together with community leaders and local non-profits to address problems that they could jointly identify. The new facility, which is adjacent to the original center, now provides almost 10,000 sq. ft. for the university's partnership work. Here are a few highlights of how this project has transformed UNP.

In addition to UNP Hartland, several donors invested in UNP in the form of new scholarships for students seeking to continue their educations after high school. Since the Wolf and Meritus scholarships began toward the beginning of the campaign, they have been awarded to more than a dozen deserving students. Additionally, a few awards have been created at UNP called the Hartland Scholar Award, the Community Resident in Action and the Community Scholar in Residence linking research and teaching to UNP's community partnership work.

None of this would have been possible without the hard work and generosity of the campaign's leadership and donors. Thank you for making these transformative projects a reality!