Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building

The new David Eccles School of Business building on The University of Utah campus is a cutting edge teaching, learning, and research facility designed to meet future growth in student enrollment, expand MBA and undergraduate program flexibility, and reflect the school’s status as a nationally and internationally ranked business school. The new building features 15 classrooms, each seating between 60 and 110 students and a 275-seat auditorium. Team discussion rooms, lounges, open-spaced meeting areas and conference rooms foster additional innovation, collaboration, and camaraderie among students. The building was named in honor of renowned alum and banking magnate Spencer Fox “Spence” Eccles—chairman emeritus of the Intermountain Region of Wells Fargo and Co. and former chairman and chief executive officer of First Security Corporation. The George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation contributed $17.5 million for the new building—the largest single grant in the organization's 30-year history.

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