Your support of the University of Utah’s outreach and service mission has been remarkable. Your gifts of over $270 million have supported everything from athletics, public broadcasting, and museums to our performing arts venues and our nationally recognized community engagement programs. The strong bond between the University and the community is not created by a single event or volunteer project, but by an ongoing commitment to the community we call home. The U’s outreach and service programs expose students to larger opportunities and responsibilities through collaborative partnerships, volunteerism, and engagement.

Because of your giving we have had amazing community outreach over the last several years at the University of Utah. We are a practical bunch here and we like to make a difference. We take what we learn in the classroom and put it into practice in our own communities, in inner city Salt Lake, in rural Utah, in New Orleans, in South America and in Africa. And we are fortunate to have an amazing group of students, faculty and staff that execute these terrific programs that really make a difference.

Clark D. Ivory, Chair, Board of Trustees, University of Utah