Because of your generosity your University is helping find new ways to identify and treat cancer, to develop techniques to provide personalized medical care using breakthroughs in understanding the human genome, and to help restore sight and prevent blindness. Your gifts of over $500 million support a vast array of research at the U from the arts and sciences to the humanities and engineering. In countless ways you help us improve the human condition and develop new industries that help grow the economy.

Thank you so much for your support for helping make the University of Utah such a remarkable place. Whether it’s the beautiful physical facilities that we have to conduct our research in or the phenomenal endowed chairs that we’ve had to recruit scientists or the programs that you’ve helped us develop. We have made important new discoveries, developed new drugs, invented new devices and now we’re on our way to helping fix healthcare. We look forward to continue partnering with you in the future.

Dr. Vivian S. Lee, Sr. Vice President for Health Sciences